While on my quest for a cure I found some supplies that are quite useful.

I bought a digital bathroom scale. 

I weigh Sherbert every week.
Right after his diagnosis he took a major drop in his weight. 
He was 16 pounds and now was down to 10.
I need to keep his weight in check.
I also found a diary that I use on my computer. 
I make entries with every change to keep track of his progress.
This is the one I use.

It was free for me.

I also found a carb counter to use on my android tablet.

An invaluable tool when pet food shopping. 
Most of the stuff they sell is lethal to animals.
They do not have to list totals on labels.
Pet food stores do not have any idea about carb counts in products.
They are so uninformed about things.
Especially pets with special needs.

There is not one person who makes this crap 
that can honestly tell me they feed this garbage to
their animals.
It is so important to read labels.

Sherbert was in need of insulin, so we had more expenses.
We could not afford the vet visits, so i decided to 
home test. 
It was awkward at 1st and the poor baby was miserable
but it saved me 100 bucks a month just on testing.

Something you should invest in is a test meter.
Contrary to some reports a human meter is just as effective as a pet meter.
A friend gave me a Ultra one-touch mini.
I buy a box of strips for 30
And a box of lancets for 5
I needed to put Sherbert on the good insulin.
He was on Novolin because of cost but it wasn't effective.
I was able to find Lantus on Craig's List.
I got a box of 5 pens for 25 dollars.
That was a blessing as Lantus is in the range of 150-200 dollars.

As long as the expiration date is good, the insulin is good.
I also got a discount prescription card.
I can use it, with a prescription from the vet at any pharmacy 
to get my supplies at a discount.

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