There was some extra dietary additives 
recommended to me that address specifically
Animal Diabetes

Sherbert has a very extreme case of Neuropathy.

Cats with feline neuropathy have trouble walking, 
often dragging a limb or having their paws curl oddly under them. 
It effects their spine, as well.
Trying to walk or even stand up gets progressively worse. 
Climbing is next to impossible.
Few steps with frequent resting is common.
In cats, the hind legs are usually the ones affected first.
The most common type of feline neuropathy 
is called diabetic neuropathy. 
In both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, 
there are problems with the body's circulation system.
Not enough blood can get to the limbs. 
The nerves are damaged from lack of blood. 
Eventually, the limbs can go dead and gangrene sets in. 

it was recommended to me to give Sherbert 
Methyl B-12 (methylcobalamin)

The jury is still out on this one.
Improvement if any has been slow.
I give him 1 dropper orally twice a day.
Sherbert fights me tooth and nail.
He is extremely stubborn.
he does not want to consume stuff that is good for him.
Just like a kid.
I reward him with treats.

I get it in 4 oz bottles
from here:

I also recommend this product
It is especially formulated for
all animals with diabetes symptoms

What I do is mix the methyl B-12 With the Dia-IonX
4Tbls Dia-IonX, 2 Tbls Methyl B-12 as a cocktail
Dosage is 1 dropper 2 times a day.
This is a slow acting supplement.
Long time consistent use will bring slow relief.

The ultimate feline formula by
Dr. Jones

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