March 21, 2016

A Memoriam for "Sherbert"

March 20, 2016.

A memoriam to "Sherbert"

I am sad to say that Sherbert has passed away.
He succumbed to all the complications
he had to endure due to his diabetes and cancer.
We tried everything we could to create a miracle.
They did not.
He was a tough kitty and a very brave one.
We were with him when he closed his eyes for the last time.
I'm sure he was just tired of fighting.
He did make it to Spring.
It was the his favorite season.
He managed to enjoy 5 minutes outside.
His favorite pastime was laying on a lounge chair on the back patio.
He was a great cat. And we will miss him every day.
Run Free Sweet Kitty.
You can now be with "Baby" and  "Big Cat" once again.
The 3 Muskateers together again.

Love you all.
RIP My pretty boys:

April 26, 2015

March 11, 2016

I will keep this blog posted for those who would like to use my info. 
I will not be updating it any longer. 
His story has been told.
Thank you for everyone's support and prayers. 
God Bless.