Before you begin the Odyssey of Home Made catfood,
You should set up a pantry

These are some of the ingredients
I use with most of the recipes
So I keep them in stock.

Old-Fashioned Oats
Bone Meal Powder
Taurine Caps
Fish Oil Caps
Vitamin E 4000 I.U
Tomato Paste
Lite Salt.

Supplies I use:
Food Processor
3 oz. Portion Jars
Squeeze Bottle

The main meat is what changes.
I use 2-3 lbs raw.
The only meat I actually cook is chicken.
I use chicken livers raw.
I bake chicken thighs very slowly on low heat.
When the skin is crispy it is done.
I grind the dried skin with the meat.

The bacon is nitrite-free.
Bake in oven until crisp.
Save grease.
You can find this in a health food store

I use canned tuna with OIL.
I use canned salmon
I have rabbit in my freezer.

This was the 1st recipe I made.
Turned out pretty well.

I will be adding more............

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